Our Philosophy

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LeConte Wealth Management exists because we wanted to offer you an alternative to the traditional Wall Street options. Today, there are more choices available to more investors than ever before. But there are flaws inherent in this system, such as big-name firms that only sell their own big-name products and proprietary research that is influenced by these firms’ business growth goals. These firms have their own self-interest at heart. We think someone should have yours.



The LeConte Wealth Management Bill of Clients’ Rights:

  • You deserve an investment portfolio free of limited choices and hidden costs and biases.
  • You deserve a financial professional who will treat you as a human being, not as a sales quota.
  • You deserve a financial professional who will make your concerns and goals a priority, and invest according to your plans.
  • You deserve a courteous, attentive financial professional who will work for and with you, not around you.
  • You deserve a financial professional who stays updated on the best practices in the growing complexity of financial issues.
  • You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your money is working toward your dreams and aspirations.
  • You deserve to have your assets actively managed and monitored.
  • You deserve to be updated regularly about your portfolio’s performance.
  • You deserve prompt and courteous answers to your questions, responses to your requests, and detailed explanations on any of your concerns.

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