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For most retirees, the biggest question in the back of their mind is, “Will my retirement savings last?”  They were diligent in building their retirement portfolio, but may lack a cohesive investment strategy and income plan.  Retirement planning involves assessing the risks to your ongoing financial health, and figuring out how to navigate around them.

What does retirement planning address?

  • Financial Position

    Where do you stand financially? This assessment looks at your overall portfolio and how much you’re spending in retirement, to make sure what you have will be enough.
  • Income Projections

    Through some sophisticated number crunching, we’ll help you determine how much income you can reasonably expect from your investments now and going forward. We use prudently conservative assumptions about factors like inflation and investment performance.
  • Asset Allocation

    The income projections help us determine what investment returns will be necessary to sustain your retirement. We can then design a customized allocation with the objective of generating sufficient income while minimizing portfolio risk. The result is a specific plan for how every piece of your portfolio should be allocated, and addresses diversification at the portfolio, allocation, and holding level.
  • Tax Planning

    As we prepare your taxes, Our goal is not only for your investments to be tax efficient, but also to develop strategies that will minimize income taxes. This involves identifying sources of income in your portfolio, and planning ahead to control their tax ramifications.
  • Distribution Planning

    This is where it all comes together. We develop a five year plan for income sources showing how much you’ll need to access from your investments, and which accounts to withdraw from. And we help with the logistics of fund transfers to systematically replenish your spending accounts.
  • Elder Care

    Assistance with personal, financial, and healthcare management is likely to confront clients either in their own situation or that of a close family member. Our goal, whether in monitoring cash flow, assessing long term care options, or facilitating powers of attorney, is to alleviate any financial anxiety associated with what we know can be a stressful situation.

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