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Intentions to Actions

Intentions to Actions


December 2023 - Intentions to Actions

If Not Now, When?

As we say goodbye to another remarkable year, we find ourselves at the doorstep of countless possibilities. The dawn of a new year is upon us, offering the perfect chance to set meaningful goals. This time, let's break the pattern of setting intentions that fade away as the months go by.

In contemplating the achievements and lessons of the past year, consider this: when is a better time than now to shape your future?

"If not now, when?"


This straightforward yet profound question captures our approach to New Year goal setting. It's a call to embrace the power of the present moment.

In a world where resolutions often lose steam as the year unfolds, we challenge the norm. Tired of the cycle of setting ambitious goals only to see them fizzle out? So are we.

Our "product" is Purpose Built Planning. Crafting goals aligned with your values, aspirations, and financial well-being ensures a fulfilling journey. Getting it right the first time lays the foundation for lasting success.

Setting goals is one thing; achieving them is another. That's where accountability becomes your unwavering companion. Our customized planning services don't stop at identifying goals; we guide you through each step, providing the accountability needed to turn aspirations into achievements.

Make 2024 Your Year of Financial Triumph!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year!


Don't hesitate to contact us at (865) 379-8200 or via email at if we can help!


How Do We Not Worry About Tomorrow?

As a parent, there is little worse than worrying about the health of your children. Unfortunately, my wife and I have had this worry for the last several months. The unknown can carry a lot of stress and anxiety that will take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. Through our recent issue, it got me thinking about the financial worries that so many of our clients go through and the stress those worries create. Often these worries can be prevented or reduced if some simple steps are taken to prepare for them.


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Jon Dockery, CPA
Managing Partner
LeConte Wealth Management

Help us Congratulate Alex's 7th Work Anniversary!

Alex joined our team as a tax intern back in 2016, and after graduating, he became a full-time Planning Associate. Over the years, he's climbed the ranks and now serves as a dedicated Client Advisor.


He plays a pivotal role in our tax preparation, tax strategy, financial planning, and nurturing client relationships. He personifies the LeConte Wealth fundamental values: trust, stewardship, active community engagements, and an unshakable commitment to integrity. 

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Kevin Painter
Managing Partner
LeConte Wealth Management


 >The MVP of Financial Accounts


Alex Willard, EA
Client Advisor
LeConte Wealth Management

Economy In Focus

The Data: 

  • 2022 - "Rolling Recession" prediction
  • 2024 - "Rolling Recovery" prediction and Election Year
  • 493 - Number of stocks in the S&P 500 that have lagged in recent years


In February 2022, we aligned with Ed Yardeni's "rolling recession" outlook for 2022-2023, proving prescient amidst varying predictions of an impending recession and prolonged inflation. This uncertainty presented a unique chance to capitalize on bonds and strategically reallocate equity exposure within a US-centric traditional core-satellite model.

Looking ahead to 2024, the narrative shifts to rolling recoveries, anticipating persistent challenges for commercial real estate and regional banks due to high rates. Consumer behavior adapts, with spending patterns adjusting in 2023, and a potential return to being a reliable driver of domestic economic growth in 2024. Europe and China's absorption of forecasted recessions benefit the US, with China exporting disinflation, and Europe poised for recovery, contributing to global economic growth in the latter half of 2024 into 2025.

The specter of war remains a significant wildcard, as citizens in Europe and the US, funding conflicts, express weariness about the economic toll. The potential for a strong Santa Claus rally in early 2024 and further S&P 500 momentum in the new year hinge on the rolling recovery gaining traction and the upcoming presidential election avoiding sparks that could lead to civil unrest..


*Below is a chart of the Market Yield on 10-Year U.S. Treasuries, which peaked toward the end of October. Refer to this blog post for more information on yields and how our investment team navigated this period for some clients.

LeConte In The News

?Below we are sharing a graphic from the Blount County Young Professionals page. Two of our very own, Alex Willard and Wes McNeillie, each shared a part in this good work within our community. Keep up the good work fellas!

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