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There are no investment brokers at LeConte. We are consultants committed to delivering practical advice not products.

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Purpose Built Planning is at the forefront of our asset management approach. Your unique financial and behavioral characteristics shape the solution that we recommend. This rarely requires speculating in the stock market.

LeConte has access to all potential investment markets. Exposure to stocks, bonds, precious metals and commodities provides the growth opportunities to pursue your goals. We employ a prudent decision making process that avoids speculation.

Once your goals are outlined in Purpose Built Planning, We turn to Riskalyze, our risk analysis platform, to evaluate your risk personality. We match your risk score with our investment allocations to invest your portfolio at a comfortable risk level.

Clients usually open more than one type of investment account as they work toward financial independence. We adjust the investment approach for each of these account types so that every dollar in every investment bucket is working hard towards your goals.

As fiduciary investment managers, we analyze a potential investment’s risk, cost and liquidity to ensure that they are appropriate for our client portfolios. This is an ongoing process. When markets change, we adapt to capture the benefits for our clients.

Along with our risk profiling tools, LeConte integrates our tax expertise into your portfolio construction and ongoing account management. When appropriate, we can defer realized gains or harvest tax losses to minimize your tax burden.

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We connect your investment philosophy to your unique risk and financial goals. Start with a complimentary risk assessment of your current investments.

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LeConte works with the leading names in the financial, investment and tax industries. These firms provide the tools to bring Purpose-built Planning to life.

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