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Create a Financial Strategy Together

Plan & Enjoy

Purpose Built Planning can help you bring your financial future into focus. Our company leaders explain how it works.

Prioritize Your Goals

Focus on your future not the markets. Remove distractions from your financial choices.

Invest Smart

LeConte Purpose Built Portfolios are designed and managed to help you pursue your goals not market fads.

Wealth Distribution

The transition from accumulating wealth to spending it down in your retirement years is difficult. We have years of experience helping clients make their savings last.

Tax-Aware Investing

We integrate your tax situation onto the investment portfolio construction and management. Tax-exempt municipal bond investing is one of our areas of expertise.
Let Tomorrow Begin Today

Planning For
The Future

We bring to the table win-win strategies for your financial goals. Your tomorrow is shaped by your choices today.

The better we know you, the more we can do. Aligning your financial strategy to your goals is what we do.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

We build portfolios from investment opportunities that balance your unique risk/reward personality.
Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection

Understanding what your biggest financial risks are and how to protect from them in a sensible way.
Retirement Income

Retirement Income

Save enough, spend right and protect it to make it last. That is our approach to solving the most difficult need of investors as they enter retirement.
Tax Services

Tax Services

Uncle Sam wants your money. We make sure he only gets what he deserves.
Win The Future

Acting in Your
Best Interest

LeConte provides advice to our clients not sales pitches. Everything we do is purpose built around you and your family. When you win, we win too.
Financial Planning
Our technology constantly updates your plan as you pursue your financial goals.
Fiduciary Advice
Acting in your best interests "In all matters, at all times." That is our focus and commitment to our clients.
Producing Income
How much income can you rely on? What will Social Security provide? Turning your company savings plan into a retirement income that will last is a daunting task.
Wealth Preservation
Health issues, market risks and taxes are three areas that can have a sudden impact on your financial plans. LeConte has the experience to customize the right solution for you.
Our Latest Articles

Financial Friction

Lessons from the Old-Timers
January 30, 2023
Lessons from the Old-Timers
In a recent discussion with some friends about our modern-day, techno-savvy society, one of my friends said, “Well, we’re so old fashioned that we still plant by the signs!” Here is the background for those unfamiliar with this term. Going all the way back to biblical texts, farmers have used the stars in the sky...
Why is Tax Season so stressful?
January 23, 2023
Why is Tax Season so stressful?
As we get close to the filing season for your 2022 taxes, I’ve seen several articles talking about how to make tax filing easier. It got me to thinking about why tax season is so stressful for many people. As a CPA, this is the most stressful time of my year. I often feel like...
We Finally Have Clarity
January 16, 2023
We Finally Have Clarity
It passed! While many were still in a deep sleep from the 8 meals they ate per day over the Christmas holiday, the SECURE 2.0 Act was signed into law on December 29, 2022. My colleague, Jon Dockery, wrote about the possibility of this change in May of 2022 when he penned the blog post:...
In one Year and Out the Other
January 9, 2023
In one Year and Out the Other
It’s that time of year again. When gym parking lots are full, and you attempt to order a salad instead of a burger to help kickstart those resolutions you’ve made.  When you make motivational post-it notes to put on your bathroom mirror and you track how many steps you’re taking and water you’re drinking every...
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