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We founded LeConte Wealth Management in 2007 after observing that many investors were being under-served by the typical Wall Street brokerage firm: the one where they sell you their own products in order to meet their target sales goals, not your financial ones. We think we’ve greatly improved upon the model.

We offer you an environment where you can feel confident:

  • That you can expect prompt replies from us to your directions or inquiries.
  • That your money is working toward your goals effectively.
  • That your wishes and opinions will be respected.
  • That your needs are taken into account.
  • That your investments are recommended because they are best for you, not for some corporation.
  • That you have access to unbiased research and information to help you make informed decisions.

LeConte Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Adviser. We work with Charles Schwab Institutional, one of the premiere financial firms in the United States. We recommend that our clients use Charles Schwab as their investment broker. This partnership ensures that clients receive a wide variety of investment choices to complement their goals. It also helps LeConte serve clients from anywhere in the United States in a seamless and efficient manner.



The beginning

LeConte Co-Founder Hoy Grimm starts his investment career by focusing on the Municipal bond business.


Kevin Painter enters the Financial Services industry

LeConte Co-Founder Kevin Painter passes the General Securities (series 7) exam and joins SunTrust Securities (now Truist).

August 2002

Grimm/Painter – The Partnership Begins

Hoy Grimm and Kevin Painter form a partnership as Financial Advisers at SunTrust Securities.


March 23, 2007

LeConte Opens for business

By leveraging the talent and experience that each brought to the table, Grimm and Painter grow their practice into a nationally recognized team at Suntrust. They leave to establish LeConte Wealth as a local, independent resource for high net worth investors.


January 2014

LeConte surpasses 100 Million dollars in assets under management

From 2007 to 2014 the advisory business grows to dwarf the traditional brokerage business that Kevin and Hoy started. This sets the company on a course of steady growth.

October 2014

LeConte becomes a Registered Investment Adviser

In 2014 Grimm and Painter make the decision to exit the brokerage business to focus on their growing Fiduciary Asset Management business.

December 2014

Jon Dockery Joins LeConte

Respected local Accountant, Jon Dockery joins LeConte from Ingram, Overholt and Bean.

2015 – 2018

January 2015

LeConte Provides Tax Services

LeConte incorporates Dockery’s tax expertise into their client services. They include tax prep and filing at no additional fee to LeConte’s wealth management clients.

May 2018

Willard becomes an Investment Adviser Representative

Alex Willard, a Maryville College graduate who started his career in financial services as a tax intern with Leconte in 2017, successfully passes the SEC Investment Adviser examination.


January 2019

Dockery becomes Partner

Founding partners Hoy Grimm and Kevin Painter name Jon Dockery a partner and Director of Financial Planning.


What Pandemic

What Is Your Risk Score?

Using tools like Riskalyze to help clients manage risk allows LeConte’s growth to continue even during 2020’s COVID lockdowns. Our Purpose-built Planning solution delivers assurance to clients that their goals are still on track.

December 2020

LeConte passes $200 Million Dollars in Client Assets


December 2021

McNeillie Joins LeConte

Certified Financial Planner, Wes McNeillie relocates from Nashville to join LeConte. As part of our ensemble, Wes’ expertise in financial planning and investment research will help all of our clients. 


January 2022

LeConte eclipses 230 million dollars.

9 years after becoming an SEC registered investment adviser, Leconte’s asset management business grows from 100 million to more than 230 million dollars in discretionary managed assets.

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