Fixed Income Trading

World class wealth management requires expertise in fixed income securities selection, trading and monitoring. As active investors in Agencies, Corporates and Tennessee municipal bonds since 1987, we offer over 20 years of fixed income experience to our clients.

The income portion of your portfolio plays a vital role in reducing overall portfolio risk. This steady cash flow provides your portfolio with liquidity that you can withdraw or reallocate elsewhere in your portfolio as opportunities arise.

Fixed income investing presents it’s own unique risks and challenges to investors. Bonds can at times, be as volatile as stocks. Most bonds don’t trade on a transparent exchange, so investors need experience and know-how to negotiate the best prices. State and local municipal bonds can be difficult to sell at a good price because of the dealer mark-ups and trading commissions.

An easy route for investors with less than $500,000 is through packaged products. The liquidity and diversification that these products provide come with a price. Packaged products lack a critical feature that individual securities have – a maturity date. 

For clients who allocate more than one million dollars to fixed income, we construct a portfolio around individual fixed income holdings. You own the securities and collect the income.

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