Retiring Soon? – It’s Time to Take Action

April 16, 2020by Hoy Grimm

Your April investment statements were ugly, maybe even shocking. You know that you shouldn’t react in irrational fear, but if your retirement is closing in, reality sinks in. You can’t hop in a time machine and redo the past but what should you do after the damage is done?


Back to your investment statements; skip past the value section and look at the activity section of your investment statements. Did you or your advisor take any positive steps to adjust or re-balance your investments last month? With the size and speed of price declines, you had opportunities to proactively improve your portfolio. Both bond and stock market sectors diverged which created opportunities to position your investments for future growth. If the activity section of your statements doesn’t reflect action to improve your portfolio then it may be time to re-examine your approach.

We combine a goals-based approach with a predictive risk assessment to build family investment portfolios designed to help you meet your unique goals. We add tax expertise (analysis, preparation and filing) for a complete 360 degree approach to your financial independence. We call this Purpose-Built Planning and we use it to advise more than 160 million dollars of client assets. It works. Call us to see what we would change in your investments right now to help your retirement arrive on time and intact.

Hoy Grimm

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