Change: Why are you Resisting?

October 9, 2020by Alex Willard

This is the result of a company that did not change…

During my childhood, I can remember the excitement I felt when entering one of their ubiquitous stores with the large blue and yellow sign that resembled a ticket on the front of the building. Do you remember Blockbuster?

At its peak, Blockbuster was a thriving VHS (later DVD) movie and video game rental shop with a footprint that stretched over 9,000 stores world-wide. It had excitement, market share and what seemed to be a sure path dominance, but Blockbuster’s hopes were squandered, forcing the company into bankruptcy.

What went wrong?

Blockbuster was not blindsided, but it was rather the lack of or inability to embrace change. Of course, having competitors like Netflix and Redbox chip away at market share and bring forward thinking into the industry did not help, but Blockbuster’s leadership had the resources to adapt.

So why didn’t they?

Change can foment emotions in your life that have a devastating impact.





These are just a few of the emotions that you might experience when faced with change, but you retain the choice to be consumed by them.

Or not?

I have been a part of an ongoing Bible study for a year. The curriculum is included a section on learning how to lead courageously. Recently, the group listened to the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast associated with our study (episodes 10 and 11 specifically). Groeschel discussed embracing change and practical steps on how to achieve and carry that mindset in your day-to-day life. Upon listening, one phrase stuck out:

Craig said there are only two times people change: “when they have to and when they want to.”

As I continue to evaluate my own views on change, the above statement persists. It leaves me asking myself this question:

“How can I live in the quadrant of not having (being forced) to change, but rather staying ahead by always wanting to change (aka. get better)?”

Here are a few things that came to mind to help live in that quadrant:

1. Continuously work on formulating a healthy view of change.
2. Reflect regularly on what needs to change, then focus on the areas that are most obvious (or not obvious, especially if you find you have been tolerating).
3. As Craig Groeschel promotes, “lead with the why (you are changing) before the what (you are changing).”
4. Remind yourself to focus on what is to come (the new rather than the old).
5. Control your controllables… your attitude and your effort
6. Do not wait to be 100%, just go for it.
7. Celebrate the (small and/or large) victories along the way!

In addition, here are a few questions to ask yourself that may reveal you are resisting change:

1. Do I/we have any goals I/we are working toward?
2. Has my or my team’s morale dropped because I/we did not get an outcome I/we wanted?
3. Do I complain about something that I tolerate?
4. Do you get paralysis by analysis?

Regardless of what your views are on change, what is going to make your storefront (life) empty and what is going to make your storefront (life) full?

Embracing or Resisting?

Alex Willard

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