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August 11, 2010by Hoy Grimm0

Where our initial asset management efforts are focused on designing a purpose built portfolio for clients, this first step is followed by an equally important active and ongoing monitoring process. Think of it as the actual journey that follows mapping out your course. You’ll want to ensure that as you make progress, you stay on track. This is where our performance reporting platform takes shape.

We provide an array of client reports that clients can access 24/7 from the customized asset management web portal that we design for each client household. These reports illustrate performance net of fees, the holdings in your accounts, and their weightings relative to your personal customized model allocation.

In designing these online reporting tools, LeConte went a step further than our competition by incorporating a number of risk-based portfolio measures into our client reporting. These Modern Portfolio Theory statistics allow clients to compare not only the return of their investments but their risks to relevant market benchmarks. 

To our asset management foundation we added the capability to add outside assets into your customized portal. With a few keystrokes you can add your company 401k, your bank account and any other financial assets you hold at other institutions. We assemble all of this information nightly into comprehensive financial reports that give you the most complete picture of your financial condition available.

The final component of our client reporting services is LeConte Mobile, our smartphone app available for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

The hallmark of the platform is accountability and transparency, so performance is illustrated net of our advisory fees. Call us for an in-depth demonstration of our client reporting tools.

Hoy Grimm

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