Who’s your trusted advisor?

July 17, 2015by Jon Dockery0

“That was difficult, but I made things easier for him,” I thought as my meeting ended.  I’d just spent an hour with a client that had reached the age where he realized he was forgetting important facts and needed my help taking care of medical paperwork related to his beloved wife.

We are currently working with a family to help make sure their sons are ready to start taking over the family business.  Just last week, I’d sat with another client that was experiencing health issues and needed my assistance with helping make business decisions and running the monthly bookkeeping operations.  .

These meetings were different from the normal debits and credits many think about when they think of a CPA or financial planner and a lot different than Accounting 101 I took at Auburn. 

So how did we get here?

These conversations are a byproduct of the trust our clients have in our expertise.  Over the years, we’ve been working with these clients to plan retirement, complete tax returns, and solve various other financial matters.  So when it comes to major life decisions or when life changing events occur, we are often the first people called when guidance is needed.

That brings me to my main thought – What kind of events in your life will require more expertise than you have on your own?  It may be that you’ve been able to handle everything on your own so far. The last few weeks have solidified for me that the time will come when we all need help.  When you need that help, who will you turn to?  We would love the opportunity to start developing that trust with you.  We’ll be here when you’re ready, so please give us a call to get started.

Jon Dockery

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