Leaving the Castle, Joining the Hustle

January 10, 2020by Hoy Grimm0

What do NASCAR, British Royals and gender pronouns have in common?

In the past few years we’ve read stories about non-gender pronouns moving through our culture. The trend has led to confusion and strong emotional responses. Regardless of where you stand on this topic, I’ll wager a decent sum that few of you would be eager to ditch “Prince” if that was your birthright pronoun.

The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan made big news this week by deciding to step away from their royal trappings and chart a different future for themselves and their children. Leaving the arc and wealth of a royal family may elicit concerns for their decision-making skills but it will give them a myriad of opportunities to capitalize on their popularity. Estimates of their combined net worth (from Megan’s acting career and Harry’s inheritance from Princess Diana) hover around 35 million dollars so they aren’t exactly starting from the bottom and working their way up from nothing. Let’s help this young couple brainstorm some opportunities to find success.

Harry could do a joint venture with another famous Brit, retired footballer David Beckham who is successfully promoting fragrances and men’s fashion. This would render something like Harry and David’s mens’ underwear. That could be huge! Outright endorsements would be easy and even fun for Harry and Megan. Imagine your favorite NASCAR driver doing a post-race interview, “ I’ll tell ya! That Harry and Megan Crown Vic #8 car was the queen of Daytona today!” Don’t laugh it could happen!

Joking aside, I wish them all the best and I hope they have fun with the choices they make. This fact remains, they have the freedom to find a new hustle. Their own unique hustle. To be successful, they need to understand their own personal strengths and weaknesses. We know Megan can act. She was excellent in Suits. What about Harry? What is he capable of achieving? Now free from the confines of royal liturgies, he gets to reveal to the world who he is and what he’s good at.

What about you? When was the last time you assessed your emotional, relational, spiritual, financial and vocational fitness? Imagine, like Harry and Megan that you are stepping out of a pre-determined destination and grabbing the wheel to chart a new course. What could you do to change your future? Would you be happier, less stressed, more fulfilled? Write your thoughts down, talk to those closest to you and take a bold step! You probably won’t have your name on a car at Talladega but you’ll still enjoy the ride!

Hoy Grimm

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