The Importance of Setting Goals

October 16, 2023by Wes McNeillie0

What are some of your goals, both professional and personal? How often do you contemplate your response to this question? How do your answers evolve as time goes on? And what if you’re not actively working towards something, striving to reach that next milestone? Without goals, productivity wanes, motivation dwindles, and the drive to better oneself decreases.

Goals and dreams are the fuel that keeps us going, whether viewed from a professional or personal perspective, or a blend of both. Everyone reading this is at a different stage in their life and their career. What was important and motivating in your 40s may not be the same in your 60s, but having goals remains crucial, regardless of age!

Establishing goals is at the core of the financial planning process. Personal and financial goals provide direction and purpose. They hold you accountable for the decisions you make and help you prioritize what truly matters. At LeConte, we encourage our clients to set goals and discover their purpose; it’s the foundation of our Purpose-Built Planning process. It’s not just about the numbers like rates of return, inflation, or interest rates.

So, what gets you out of bed each morning, excited for the day ahead? What can you do today to bring you one step closer to attaining your goals? Are there any obstacles blocking your path? These are all questions that deserve attention.

I’m passionate about setting goals and finding purpose because they align with the two guiding principles of my life: individual initiative and self-accountability. If you want something, go after it. Avoid making excuses or placing blame on others. You are responsible for the actions you take and decisions you make. I encourage everyone to take some time before the end of the year to establish at least one goal for 2024 and monitor your progress along the way. It can be personal, professional, or a combination of both. Find purpose in each day, as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Wes McNeillie

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