The Color of Money: Use a Little Spring-Season Inspiration to Keep Your Financial Focus Blooming

March 18, 2015by Kevin Painter0

kevin-painterThere’s nothing like getting out of the winter doldrums to infuse some extra energy in your step and breathe new life into your outlook for the year.

And of course, there’s no overlooking the symbolic coincidence that the primary hue of the season – from St. Patrick’s Day, the budding vistas emerging across East Tennessee, and even the less inspirational aspect of these months (Tax Day arrives April 15) – is the color of money.

So how are your financial plans and asset management strategies progressing for 2015?  Are your New Year’s financial resolutions holding firm?

If you’re going it alone on these areas, it’s painfully easy to let good intentions remain just that, without definitive action to transition them into results.

We urge our clients to use interactive tools not only to get their plans committed to “paper” but also to remain actively engaged with how their plan is executed day-to-day.

Along the way, it’s important to keep trusted counsel and expertise close at hand – professionals you know well, who have a clear basis for understanding who you are and where you want to go financially to help keep your plan and the process guiding it in a smart direction.

So breathe deeply – and get that spring air energizing a renewed lease on your financial life, with the right tools and people in place to help you make it happen.

Kevin Painter

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